Leopold II, Margrave of Austria

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Leopold II
Margrave of Austria
Herzog Leopold II. Babenberg.jpg
Leopold the Fair at the Battle of Mailberg, Babenberger Stammbaum, Klosterneuburg Monastery, 1489–1492
Margravate 1075–1095
Predecessor Ernest
Successor Leopold III
Spouse Ida of Formbach-Ratelnberg
Family House of Babenberg
Father Ernest
Mother Adelaide of Eilenburg
Born 1050
Died 12 October 1095(1095-10-12)

Leopold II (German: Luitpold, 1050 – 12 October 1095), known as Leopold the Fair (German: Luitpold der Schöne), was the Margrave of Austria from 1075 to his death in 1095. He was a member of the House of Babenberg.[1]


Leopold the Fair was born in 1050, the son of Ernest and Adelaide of Eilenburg, the daughter of Dedi I, Margrave of the Saxon Ostmark.

In the Investiture Dispute, he first sided with Emperor Henry IV, but in 1081 at the Diet of Tulln switched sides under the influence of his wife Ida and Bishop Altmann of Passau. Subsequently, he was deposed by the Emperor, who gave the fief to Vratislav II of Bohemia, who defeated Leopold in the Battle of Mailberg. Ultimately, Leopold managed to retain his position, but he lost some territory in Southern Moravia, but Luitpold of Znojmo, Duke of Moravia was his son in law. Leopold resided in Gars am Kamp.

In 1089 Leopold helped pay for the construction of Melk Abbey in eastern Austria by donating the land for the new Abbey. The ruins of Thunau a Kamp castle, once a summer residence of Leopold, are 68 kilometres (42 mi) away.[2]

In 1065 Leopold married Ida, countess of Cham (1055–1101), in Cham, Oberpfalz, Bavaria. Ida was the daughter of Rapoto IV and Mathilde. Ida is said to have died during the crusade of 1101.

The two had a son, Leopold III, as well as six daughters who married Dukes and Counts from Carinthia, Bohemia and Germany. One of them, called Ida of Austria (or Ida of Babenberg), married Luitpold, Duke of Moravia, part of Znojmo.

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Leopold II, Margrave of Austria
Born: 1050 Died: 1095
Preceded by
Margrave of Austria
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