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Leopold Rosenfeld (21 July 1849 – 19 July 1909) was a Danish composer [1] and singing teacher, he was also a music critic at the newspaper Danneborg, musikbladet and Tidsskrift for Musik og Teater.

In 1889 he was titled professor. One of his pupils was opera singer Helge Nissen.

He was buried at Jewish Western Cemetery.


  • Aa farvel og vær velsignet (for song and piano)
  • Asali (for song and piano)
  • Bjergpigen (for soli, quire and orkestra)
  • En nytårslåt (for song and piano)
  • Folkevise (for song and piano)
  • Ingalill (for song and piano)
  • Klokkeklang (for song and piano)
  • Opus 3: Fem characteerstykker (for piano)
  • Opus 17: 5 Clavierstücke (for piano)
  • Opus 24: DIGTE af Alfred Ipsen og Ernst v. d. Recke
  • Opus 25: Henrik og Else (for soli, quire and orkestra)
  • Opus 48: Saïna. Østerlandske stemninger (for piano)

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  • This article was initially translated from the Danish Wikipedia.

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