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Leopoldo Gout is a film co-director, film producer, author,[1] and painter. Born in Mexico, he studied Contemporary Art at Central Saint Martins in London, and now resides in New York City.[2] His artwork has been displayed in the West Collection Gallery of Pennsylvania.[3] Films which he has produced have been shown at The Cannes 2011 International Film Festival and have aired on NBC.[4] He has been involved in various film and television projects, including films with the author James Patterson, such as the major adaptation, Alex Cross.[5] Gout was a producer for the THQ video-game Leela,[6] which uses motion controls and immersive psychedelic environments to allow the player to connect with their sub-conscience.[7]

Film Work[edit]

Little Spirit: Christmas in New York (TV) (2008)[edit]

Leopoldo co-wrote, co-directed, and was an executive producer on this film which originally aired December 10, 2008, on NBC. Little Spirit features the voice of Danny DeVito and songs written by Grammy and Tony award winning musician Duncan Sheik.[4][8]

Passage (short)(2009)[edit]

Leopoldo Gout was a producer of the short film Passage, which was directed by Shekhar Kapur.[9]

Dias de Gracia (english title: Days of Grace) (2011)[edit]

Directed by his Brother, Evarardo Valerio Gout, Leopoldo served as a producer and second unit director[10] on this film which screened at the Cannes 2011 International Film Festival, garnering a positive review from The Hollywood Reporter.[11][12] The film was made by the Mexico-based Casa B Productions, which Leopoldo founded with his brother.[13]

Alex Cross (2012)[edit]

Gout produced Alex Cross, the 2012 adaptation of the James Patterson novel. The film starred Jean Reno, Matthew Fox, and in the lead role, Tyler Perry.[14]

Novel/ Graphic Novel Work[edit]

Ghost Radio[edit]

Published in 2008 by Harper Collins, Ghost Radio is Leopoldo Gout’s first novel. Each chapter begins with an engraving which Gout did himself.[1] The book is a paranormal suspense thriller. Fellow author and collaborator James Patterson describes it as reminiscent of the early work of Stephen King.[15] Originally intended to be a graphic novel, Gout says of his work “the words started to overwhelm the images” at which point he switched away from the graphic format, opting instead to do a traditional novel which includes some illustrations.[2] Each chapter begins with an engraving which Gout did himself.[1]

Daniel X[edit]

Leopoldo Gout Collaborated with James Patterson on a graphic novel addition to the Daniel X book series. Daniel X hunts outlaw aliens after the responsibility is passed down to him when his parents are killed.[16] This collaboration is James Patterson’s first time working on a graphic novel.[17]

Genius: The Game[edit]

Published by Feiwel & Friends in 2016, 200 hacking/programming/engineering geniuses gather from around the world to go head to head in a competition designed by India's youngest CEO, Kiran Biswas. The story follows three bright teenagers: Rex, Tunde, and Cai (a.k.a. Painted Wolf).


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