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Lepechinia calycina 2.jpg
Lepechinia calycina
Scientific classification


Lepechinia is a genus of plants in the mint family, Lamiaceae. It includes several species of plants known commonly as pitchersages (also pitcher sages).[3] Plants of this genus can be found in Central and South America, Mexico, California, Hispaniola, and Hawaii, although the species in Hawaii is probably a human introduction.[2][4][5] Many of them bear attractive pitcher-shaped flowers, often in shades of purple. The genus was named for the Russian botanist Ivan Ivanovich Lepechin. Recently, the two monotypic genera Chaunostoma and Neoeplingia were shown to be part of Lepechinia.[6]

  1. Lepechinia anomala Epling - southern Brazil
  2. Lepechinia bella Epling - Bolivia
  3. Lepechinia betonicaefolia (Lam.) Epling - Colombia, Ecuador
  4. Lepechinia bullata (Kunth) Epling - Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela
  5. Lepechinia calycina (Benth.) Epling ex Munz – pitcher sage, woodbalm - California (Coast Ranges + northern Sierra Nevada)
  6. Lepechinia cardiophylla Epling – Santa Ana pitcher sage - southern California, Baja California
  7. Lepechinia caulescens (Ortega) Epling - Mexico, Guatemala
  8. Lepechinia chamaedryoides (Balb.) Epling - Chile
  9. Lepechinia cocuyensis J.R.I.Wood - Colombia
  10. Lepechinia codon Epling - Peru
  11. Lepechinia conferta (Benth.) Epling - Colombia, Venezuela
  12. Lepechinia dioica J.A.Hart - Ecuador
  13. Lepechinia flammea Mart.Gord. & Lozada-Pérez - Guerrero
  14. Lepechinia floribunda (Benth.) Epling - Peru, Bolivia, Argentina
  15. Lepechinia fragrans (Greene) Epling – island pitcher sage, fragrant pitcher sage - southern California including offshore Channel Islands
  16. Lepechinia ganderi Epling – San Diego pitcher sage - southern California, Baja California
  17. Lepechinia glomerata Epling - Jalisco
  18. Lepechinia hastata (A.Gray) Epling – pakata - Baja California and Baja California Sur, including Revillagigedo Islands; naturalized in Hawaii
  19. Lepechinia heteromorpha (Briq.) Epling - Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia
  20. Lepechinia lamiifolia (Benth.) Epling - Ecuador, Peru
  21. Lepechinia lancifolia (Rusby) Epling - Bolivia
  22. Lepechinia leucophylloides (Ramamoorthy, Hiriart & Medrano) B.T.Drew, Cacho & Sytsma - Hidalgo
  23. Lepechinia marica Epling & Mathias - Peru
  24. Lepechinia mecistandra (Donn.Sm.) H.K.Moon - Chiapas, Guatemala, El Salvador
  25. Lepechinia mexicana (S.Schauer) Epling - central + northeastern Mexico
  26. Lepechinia meyenii (Walp.) Epling - Peru, Bolivia, Argentina
  27. Lepechinia mollis (Epling) Epling - Peru
  28. Lepechinia mutica (Benth.) Epling - Ecuador
  29. Lepechinia nelsonii (Fernald) Epling - central + southern Mexico
  30. Lepechinia paniculata (Kunth) Epling - Ecuador
  31. Lepechinia radula (Benth.) Epling - Ecuador, Peru
  32. Lepechinia rossii S.Boyd & Mistretta – Ross' pitcher sage - southern California (Los Angeles + Ventura Counties)
  33. Lepechinia rufocampii Epling & Mathias - Ecuador
  34. Lepechinia salviae (Lindl.) Epling - Chile
  35. Lepechinia salviifolia (Kunth) Epling - Colombia, Venezuela
  36. Lepechinia schiedeana (Schltdl.) Vatke - Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela
  37. Lepechinia scobina Epling - Peru
  38. Lepechinia speciosa (A.St.-Hil. ex Benth.) Epling - southern Brazil
  39. Lepechinia tomentosa (Benth.) Epling - Peru
  40. Lepechinia urbani (Briq.) Epling - Hispaniola
  41. Lepechinia velutina J.R.I.Wood - Colombia
  42. Lepechinia vesiculosa (Benth.) Epling - Peru, Bolivia, Argentina
  43. Lepechinia vulcanicola J.R.I.Wood - Colombia
  44. Lepechinia yecorana Henrickson, Fishbein & T.Van Devender - Sonora


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