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Map of Azerbaijan showing Lerik rayon

Lerik Rayon is a rayon located near the Iranian border in southern Azerbaijan, between the tall mountains of the Talysh Mountains and the agricultural plain of the Lankaran Lowland.


  • Population: 71,200

Lerik is mainly famous for the longevity of some of its citizens. It is known for myths of human longevity; a man named Shirali Baba Muslimov, born in the village of Barzavu, who was reported by the Guinness Book of Records to have been aged 168 when he died, and was believed to have lived between 1805 and 1973.[1] The population of the Lerik rayon is evenly divided between Azeris and Talysh - both populations are spread across both sides of the border.


Located in Lerik is a local history museum and the Karabakh war memorial, located between of the parade ground and the modest city hall. Lerik is also a good starting point for hiking.

Lerik can be reached from Lankaran using the A323 road. It is a very scenic route along the Lankaran river and the Hirkan National Park. Buses run regularly to Lankaran and Baku. The maximum annual precipitation in Lerik and the Talysh Mountains is between 1,600 mm to 1,800 mm, which along the Lankaran Lowland is the highest precipitation in the country.


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The Caspian Hyrcanian mixed forests ecoregion is an area of lush lowland and montane forests (subtropical and temperate rainforests) that covers the Lerik rayon. In southeast Azerbaijan, this ecoregion includes the Lankaran Lowland and the Talysh Mountains.


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