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Studio album by Luísa Maita
Released July 27, 2010 (2010-07-27) US
Genre Samba, Electronic, Jazz, Bosa Nova
Label Cumbancha
Luísa Maita chronology
Maita Remixed
(2010)Maita Remixed2010

Lero-Lero, released in 2010, is the first solo album from Brazilian artist, Luísa Maita off, U.S. based, independent label, Cumbancha. The album features a variety of sounds from samba and bosa nova to western jazz and downtempo electronic. Maita's array of cultural influences play a large role in the structure of the album, "Something that defines Lero, Lero is its urban style. Originally from São Paulo, Luísa Maita brings to her work her own life experience growing up in one the largest cities in the world."[Notes 1] Lero-Lero precedes two different remixed versions of the album: Maita Remixed and Maita Remixed DJ Edition.

Track List[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Lero-Lero" 4:43
2. "Alento" 3:29
3. "Ai Vem Ele" 4:12
4. "Desencabulada" 3:01
5. "Fulaninha" 3:35
6. "Mire a Veja" 4:36
7. "Maria e Moleque" 4:20
8. "Anunciou" 3:14
9. "Um Vento Bom" 3:49
10. "Alivio" 3:33
11. "Amor e Paz" 2:44


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