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Les Ballets Africains perform in Bonn, West Germany, 1962

Les Ballets Africains is the national dance company of Guinea[1] and is based in Conakry.

Although the name might suggest the idea of European "ballet" to English speakers, the focus of the company is actually to promote traditional African dance and culture.[2]


Founded in Paris in 1952 by Guinean choreographer Fodéba Keïta, Les Ballets Africains toured successfully for the next eight years.[3]

After Guinea was granted its independence from France in 1958, Sekou Toure made the ballet the National Ensemble in 1960.[4]

The group performed in the United States for the first time in 1959, with a run of 48 performances on Broadway, following a successful European tour.[5]

Notable past members[edit]


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