Les Bourgeois

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Les Bourgeois
Les Bourgeois Album.jpg
Studio album by Jacques Brel
ReleasedApril 1962
Recorded6–14 March 1962
Length46 minutes
Jacques Brel chronology
Les Bourgeois
Les Bonbons

Les Bourgeois (English: The middle class) is the sixth studio album by Jacques Brel. Also known as Jacques Brel, the album was released on Barclay Records on 15 March 1962. Later, on 4 April, a 10" maxi-single containing of 8 of the album's tracks was released. The same year saw the release of a limited, special edition release of the album that consisted of the original LP with "Jacques Brel" written diagonally across its white cover. This edition was numbered on the front and hand signed on the back.

It was reissued on 23 September 2003 under the title Les Bourgeois as part of the 16-CD box set Boîte à Bonbons by Barclay (980 816-9).[1][2]

Track listing[edit]

Track Title Translation Composer Recorded
1 "Les bourgeois" The middle class Jacques Brel, Jean Corti 1962-03-09
2 "Les paumés du petit matin" The lost ones of the morning Jacques Brel, François Rauber 1962-03-09
3 "Le Plat Pays" The flat country Jacques Brel 1962-03-06
4 "Zangra" Zangra Jacques Brel 1962-03-06
5 "Une île" An island Jacques Brel 1962-03-14
6 "Madeleine" Madeleine Jacques Brel, Jean Corti, Gérard Jouannest 1962-03-09
7 "Bruxelles" Brussels Jacques Brel, Gérard Jouannest 1962-03-14
8 "Chanson sans paroles" Song without words Jacques Brel, François Rauber 1962-03-14
9 "Les biches" The does Jacques Brel, Gérard Jouannest 1962-03-07
10 "Le caporal Casse-Pompon" Corporal Casse-Pompon Jacques Brel 1962-03-06
11 "La statue" The statue Jacques Brel, François Rauber 1962-03-07
12 "Rosa" Rosa Jacques Brel 1962-03-07
13 "Il neige sur Liège" It snows on Liège Jacques Brel 1963-05-30[2]
14 "Pourquoi faut-il que les hommes s'ennuient" Why are the men bored Jacques Brel 1963
  • Recorded at Studio Barclay-Hoche in Paris.
  • Tracks 1–12 constituted the original 1962 album.
  • Tracks 13–14 were added to the album when it was reissued as part of the 16-CD box set Boîte à Bonbons.



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