Les Démoniaques

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Les Démoniaques
Demoniaques, jean rollin-1973.jpg
Original Theatrical Poster
Directed byJean Rollin
Written byJean Rollin
StarringJoëlle Coeur
Lieva Lone
Patricia Hermenier
John Rico
Willy Braque
Paul Bisciglia
Louise Dhour
Ben Zimet
Mireille Dargent
Miletic Zivomir
Isabelle Copejans
Yves Colignon
Veronique Fanis
Monika Swinn
Jacqueline Priest
Anne Wattican
Jean-Pierre Bouyxou
Raphaël Marongiu
Sylvio Dieu
Gilbert Schnarbach
Music byPierre Raph
Edited byMichel Patient
Distributed byGénéral Films
Les Films A.B.C.
Nordia Films
Release date
5 December 1974
Running time
95 mins
Country France

Les Démoniaques (English title: Demoniacs) is a 1974 film directed by Jean Rollin, about a group of shipwrecked sailors who rape two young women, who re-emerge and make a pact with the devil to get their revenge.


At the end of the 19th century, on the north European coasts, live three shipwreckers simply nicknamed the "wreckers".

The Captain is their leader, followed by Le Bosco, Paul and the beautiful but perverted Tina.

When two young women accidentally stumble upon these wreckers, they brutally and violently rape them. The next day, the Captain thinks that he is going insane when he sees the women's dead bodies. He wrecks a tavern and gets into a fight with Le Bosco. The Captain, Tina, Le Bosco and Paul go back to the wreck to kill the women, who manage to escape. Wandering around, the women come across a clown who looks after them. The women are unable to speak, but a man tells them he can help them. They communicate via a drawing and the man realises that they want revenge. The women are the only ones who can free the devil from being imprisoned in the ruins of an old castle; by making love to each of them, he will give them the power to get their revenge. The women, now the "démoniaques", return for their revenge. At the beach, they are again attacked by the Captain and Le Bosco, who tie them to the wreck. The Captain goes mad and kills Tina and Le Bosco. He realises that what he has done is wrong, but is unable to save them, and the tide comes in and they all drown.


  • Joëlle Cœur as Tina
  • Lieva Lone as Demoniac
  • Patricia Hermenier as Demoniac
  • John Rico as The Captain
  • Willy Braque as Le Bosco
  • Paul Bisciglia as Paul
  • Louise Dhour as Louise
  • Ben Zimet as The Exorcist
  • Mireille Dargent as The Clown
  • Miletic Zivomir as The Devil
  • Isabelle Copejans as The Barmaid
  • Yves Colignon as The Barmaid's Lover
  • Veronique Fanis as Girl in Tavern
  • Monika Swinn as Girl in Tavern (credited as Monika)
  • Jacqueline Priest as Girl in Tavern
  • Anne Wattican as Girl in Tavern (credited as Anne Watticant)
  • Jean-Pierre Bouyxou as Sailor in Tavern
  • Raphaël Marongiu as Sailor with the Dracula puppet (credited as Raphale G. Marongiu)
  • Sylvio Dieu as Sailor
  • Gilbert Schnarbach as Sailor in Tavern
  • Yann as Sailor
  • Jio Berk as Sailor (uncredited)
  • Burr Jerger as Satanist Priest on the Beach (uncredited)
  • Jean-Jacques Renon as Travestite (uncredited)

Home media[edit]

Les Démoniaques was released on DVD in the US on 21 September 1999 by Image Entertainment, with an aspect ratio of 1.64:1.

It was released in the UK on 27 September 2004 by Redemption Films with an aspect ratio of 1.64:1 and special features including the theatrical trailer, a stills gallery and a Rollin filmography.

It was released in Europe on 30 August 2005 by Encore as part of a three-disc set with a new aspect ratio of 1.78:1 and special features including selected scenes with commentary (in English), an interview with Braque, the short film Les Pays Loins, deleted scenes and a slide show.

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