Two Timid Souls

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Two Timid Souls
Two Timid Souls.jpg
Directed by René Clair
Produced by Alexandre Kamenka
Written by Play:
Eugène Labiche
René Clair
Cinematography Robert Batton
Nikolas Roudakoff
Films Albatros
Sequana Films
Distributed by Films Albatros
Release date
(France) 1 March 1929
(USA) 5 December 1928
Running time
72 minutes (19f/s)
Country France
Language Silent

Two Timid Souls (French: Les Deux Timides) is a 1928 French silent film comedy directed by René Clair, and based on the 1860 play Les Deux Timides by Eugène Labiche.[1][2][3][4][5] It was made by the Films Albatros production company.[6] The sets were designed by the art director Lazare Meerson.


A very shy lawyer, Fremissin, is tasked with defending Garadoux, a man charged rightfully with beating his wife. Fremissin gets nervous at the trial, and ends up demanding the harshest possible sentence for Garadoux, making him spend several months in prison. After a few years, Fremissin has fallen in love with a woman (Cecile Thibaudier). Garadoux sees this and tries to seduce her to get back at Fremissin for getting him sent to prison. Garadoux abuses Fremissin's timid nature, in hilarious acts like posing as a bandit and leaving him disturbing notes telling him not to leave home. After various trials, and meeting his shy counterpart in Cecile's father, Fremissin finally gets to Cecile in time to ask for her hand in marriage, and has a big fight with the Thibaudier and Garadoux family. He then defends the Thibaudier family successfully in court.



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