Les Fanatiques

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Les Fanatiques
Directed by Alex Joffé
Written by Alex Joffé
Jean Lévitte
Starring Pierre Fresnay
Michel Auclair
Music by Paul Misraki
Cinematography Léonce-Henri Burel
Edited by Raymond Lamy
Distributed by Pathé Consortium Cinéma
Release date
8 November 1957 (France)
Running time
90 min
Country France
Language French

Les Fanatiques is a French film directed by Alex Joffé and released in 1957.[1]


A revolution has just happened in a South American country while its dictator is away on a trip. He decides to return to subdue the revolutionaries. On the flight to Rome, he meets Luis Vargas, the leading opponent to his dictatorial regime. But General Ribéra learns that Luis has taken this flight to kill him, having boarded with a bomb hidden in a typewriter. Ribéra dies from a heart attack, leaving Luis to do everything he can to save the passengers.[2]


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