Les Fleurs du Mal (Therion album)

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Les Fleurs du Mal
Therion fleurs 2.jpg
Cover art by Saturno Buttò
Studio album by Therion
Released 28 September 2012
Recorded 2011—2012
Studio Adulruna Studio, Sweden
Genre Symphonic metal, ye-ye
Length 47:56
Language French
Label Self-publishing
Producer Christofer Johnsson
Therion chronology
Sitra Ahra
(2010)Sitra Ahra2010
Les Fleurs du Mal
Tour album CD cover
Tour album CD cover

Les Fleurs du Mal is a cover album and the fifteenth full-length album by Swedish symphonic metal band Therion. It was released on 28 September 2012 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the band.[1] Named after the 1857 volume of poetry Les Fleurs du mal, the album is fully sung in French language. It consist of metal cover versions of French pop songs from 1960s and 1970s, mostly from the ye-ye genre.


The album was financed by Christofer Johnsson who considers the album an art project.[1][2] It was made available for pre-order at Therion's webstore on 2 September 2012.[3] Johnsson announced that the version sold at concerts with a different cover, would include a bonus track and a poster, and that his "aim is to sign and personally dedicate every single one of them at the shows".[2]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Original artist Length
1. "Poupée de cire, poupée de son" ("Wax Doll, Rag Doll") Serge Gainsbourg France Gall (1965) 2:51
2. "Une fleur dans le cœur" ("A Flower in the Heart") Christophe Schaeffer, Pawson/Chambers Victoire Scott (1968) 3:03
3. "Initials B.B." (B.B. is for Brigitte Bardot) Serge Gainsbourg Serge Gainsbourg (1968) 3:44
4. "Mon amour, mon ami" ("My Love, my Friend"[4]) Eddy Marnay, André Popp Marie Laforêt (1967) 4:35
5. "Polichinelle" ("Pulcinella") Pierre Saka, Jean Bernard France Gall (1967) 2:28
6. "La Maritza" ("The Maritsa") Pierre Delanoë, Jean Renard Sylvie Vartan (1968) 3:54
7. "Sœur Angélique" ("Sister Angelica") Michel Rivgauche, Georges Liferman Annie Philippe (1966) 3:05
8. "Dis-moi poupée" ("Tell me Doll"[5]) Jean Albertini, Johnny Rech Isabelle (1967) 3:24
9. "Lilith" Léonie Lousseau, Karl-Heinz Schäfer Léonie (1972) 2:30
10. "En Alabama" ("In Alabama") Sébastien Poitrenaud, Jean-Claude Vannier Léonie (1971) 2:39
11. "Wahala Manitou" Étienne Roda-Gil, Christophe Léonie (1971) 2:34
12. "Je n’ai besoin que de tendresse" (I Need Only Tenderness") Claire Dixon, Daniel Faure Claire Dixon 1967 2:14
13. "La Licorne d’or" ("The Gold Unicorn") Christian Turban, Michel Bernholc Victoire Scott (1968) 2:45
14. "J’ai le mal de toi" ("I Miss You") Michaële/Georges Costa, Gabriel Yared Betty Mars (1974) 2:51
15. "Poupée de cire, poupée de son" ("Wax Doll, Rag Doll") Serge Gainsbourg France Gall (1965) 2:31
16. "Les Sucettes (bonus track)" ("The Lollipops") Serge Gainsbourg France Gall 1966 2:40


The album was recorded by the following artists:[6]


Guest musicians

  • Snowy Shaw - vocals in "Initials B.B." and "Dis-moi Poupee"
  • Mari Paul - vocals on "Mon Amour, Mon Ami"
  • Johanna Najla - vocals on "Initials B.B."
  • Mattias Olsson - synthesizers, mellotron and percussion on "En Alabama", "Mon Amour, Mon Ami" and "Lilith"
  • Mattias Torrel - acoustic guitars on "Mon Amour, Mon Ami" and "La Licorne D'or"
  • Stefan Jernståhl - accordion on "Wahala Manitou"[7]
  • Violin
  • Anders Åkered
  • Fredrik Syberg
  • Hanna Ekström
  • Isa Holmesund
  • Lars Wehlin
  • Natalia Migdal
  • Anna Manell
  • Pär Lindqvist
  • Eva-Tea Lundberg
  • Ida Freji
  • Johan Ahlin
  • Magnus Wretblad
  • Kristoffer Siggstedt
  • Magnus Werner
  • Staffan Findin


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