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Les Friction
Origin Los Angeles, California, USA
Genres Epic music, Orchestral, symphonic rock, modern classical, alternative rock, electronic rock, industrial rock, rock opera
Years active 2011 – present
Labels Mariposa Lane Music Inc./ Would Work Sound LLC
Website lesfriction.com
Members Helmut Vonlichten
Nihl Finch

Les Friction is an independent music group led by Helmut Vonlichten, Nihl Finch, and a singer named Paint. Helmut had previously collaborated with his brother Franz Vonlichten in their cinematic music project E.S. Posthumus until Franz's death in May 2010. Les Friction was announced in November 2011, and their self-titled debut album was released the following January.

The following is a synopsis of the story behind their work from their official website:[1]

The year is 2048 AD. Humans are now able to leave their earthly home and travel to other dimensions. While traveling, a shell of their body remains on earth and functions at a reduced capacity.

For most people, life is more interesting and entertaining in these alternate dimensions; however, having neglected their loved ones at home, society on earth begins to deteriorate. Anarchy ensues and the travelers begin to receive millions of S.O.S.’s from their families on earth. Now, they must fight and struggle their way back home to save earth from certain destruction. Our story begins…………


Les Friction[edit]

Les Friction
Studio album by Les Friction
Released January 24, 2012
Genre alternative rock, Orchestral, symphonic rock, modern classical, electronic rock, rock opera
Label Mariposa Lane Music Inc./ Would Work Sound LLC
Producer Les Friction
Les Friction chronology
Les Friction

The band's debut album, Les Friction, was composed by Helmut Vonlichten and Nihl Finch.[2] The album's first single "Torture" was released as a digital download on November 26, 2011, and the second single "Louder than Words" was released on December 27, 2011. Both singles are available for download on the band's official website.[3] The third and final single "Here Comes the Reign" was released on January 21, 2012, prior to the album's release date of January 24, 2012.[4] Nic Harcourt debuted the album on his music program on KCSN, and on New Year's Eve declared the track "Torture" as his favorite song of 2011.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Louder than Words
  2. Torture (feat. Guitarist Bruce Watson)
  3. What You Need
  4. Here Comes the Reign
  5. World on Fire
  6. Save Your Life
  7. Sunday
  8. String Theory
  9. Come Back to Me (feat. Emily Valentine)

Digital instrumental tracks[edit]

Instrumental tracks were made available through iTunes, Amazon, and CDBaby MP3 album downloads.

  1. Louder Than Words (Instrumental)
  2. Torture (Instrumental)
  3. What You Need (Instrumental)
  4. Here Comes The Reign (Instrumental)
  5. World On Fire (Instrumental)
  6. Save Your Life (Instrumental)
  7. Sunday (Instrumental)
  8. String Theory (Instrumental)
  9. Come Back To Me (Instrumental)


Portions of "Louder than Words" have been used in a trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2, Oz the Great and Powerful, and has also been played over the loudspeakers during the 2012 Rose Bowl.


Les Friction held a contest in which contestants called their local radio stations to request "Torture". Whoever requested the song the most won the contest. The prize was to name one of the group's upcoming songs. It was announced June 1, 2012 that Hakeem Wilson was the winner.

Who Will Save You Now[edit]

On June 15, 2012 the song named by contest winner, Hakeem Wilson, was released. It was named "Who Will Save You Now."


On 26 January 2013, the Les Friction Facebook page was updated, saying "The guys are hard at work on the next record!" confirming that work on a new album had begun.[5] On 11 March, the single "Firewall" was released.

On 10 March 2016, the Les Friction website reverted to a basic WordPress site, and remained in this state until at least March 19th.[6] By April 8th 2016, the site was updated to an incomplete state.[7] Most site functionalities were removed when this happened.

On 8 March 2017, the Les Friction Facebook page was updated, saying, "Greetings traverlers, guess what we're up to?" indicating that the group is still alive and is finally hinting at a new upcoming album, much to fans' immense surprise and relief.

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