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Les Horaces (The Horatii) is an operatic tragédie lyrique by Antonio Salieri. The text was by Nicolas-François Guillard after Pierre Corneille's Horace.

The opera was commissioned by the Paris Opera after the success of Salieri's Les Danaïdes with the company.

Performance history[edit]

According to different sources, Les Horaces was first performed either at Fontainebleau on 2 November 1786,[1] or at Versailles on 2 December 1786.[2] According to Spire Pitou, however, both dates seem to be errors and "the correct date of the world première of Salieri's Les Horaces is 7 December 1786 at the Royal Academy of Music ...".[3] Whatever the case, it was not well received.[4] The failure of the opera to some extent has been blamed on the lackluster performances of the original performers.[5]


Cast Voice type Premiere, December 2, 1786[6]
(Conductor: - )
Old Horace bass-baritone Auguste-Athanase (Augustin) Chéron
Young Horace tenor/baritone François Lays
Curiace tenor Étienne Lainez
Camille soprano Antoinette Cécile de Saint-Huberty
A woman of Camille's retinue soprano Adelaïde Gavaudan "cadette"[7]
The High Priest bass-baritone Martin-Joseph Adrien
Valère baritone Claude-Armand Chardin (stage name, "Chardini")
A Roman bass-baritone M. Moreau
An Alban bass-baritone M. Châteaufort
An oracle bass-baritone M. Moreau


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