Les Joyaux De La Princesse

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Les Joyaux de la princesse
Origin France
Genres Martial industrial
Years active 1986-
Labels Tesco Organisation, World Serpent Distribution, Athanor, La Voix des Nôtres
Members Erik Konofal

Les Joyaux de la princesse ("The Jewels of the Princess") is a French industrial band, founded in 1986 by Erik Konofal. The musical style is a mixture of ambient and neo-classical, often utilizing samples from original works in tandem with French chansons, operatic works, and historical speeches. Subjects present in Les Joyaux de la princesse's discography include: the Exposition internationale des arts et des techniques appliqués à la vie moderne, the White Rose resistance movement, absinthe, and the politician Philippe Henriot, a key figure of the Vichy regime.

Les Joyaux De La Princesse's releases are often very limited and extravagantly designed box sets which are regarded as collector's items.

Collaborations have taken place with Death in June, Blood Axis, Muslimgauze, amongst other groups.


  • Aux Petit Enfants De France, Cassette (Box) (1989)
  • Östenbraun with Death In June, 2 x Cassette (Box) (1989)
  • Die Kapitulation: L'Allemagne Année Zero, 7" (1994)
  • Die Weiße Rose with Regard Extrême, CD, 7" (Box) (1997)
  • Douce France, 10" (1997)
  • Terrorisme Islamique Split with Muslimgauze, 10" (1997)
  • Wolf Rune with Freya Aswynn, 7" (1997)
  • Exposition Internationale 2 x CD, 7" (Box) (1998)
  • Croix De Bois, 5" Flexi-Disk (2000)
  • Croix De Bois - Croix De Feu, 10" (2000)
  • Absinthe - La Folie Verte with Blood Axis, CD (2001)
  • Absinthe - La Folie Verte (Studio- & Live-Tracks) 2 x 10" (Box) (2002)
  • Absinthia Taetra (Live) CD (2004)
  • In Memoriam 2 x 10" (Box) (2004)
  • 1940 - 1944 3 x CD (Box) (2006)
  • Aux Volontaires Croix De Sang CD (2007)
  • Aux Volontaires Croix De Sang CD, 5" (box) (2007)

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