Les Minimes

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Entrance to Les Minimes harbour.

Les Minimes, Port de plaisance des Minimes, is the largest marina in France for pleasure boats. It is located in the city of La Rochelle.

Its named is derived from the establishment of a convent of the Frères Minimes ("Order of the Minimes Brothers") in this area during the Middle Ages.

There are slips for about 3,500 boats. The whole area has seen intense urban development, with the construction of many residential buildings.

The marina offers sailing access to the protected Pertuis d'Antioche and its surrounding islands, such as Île de Ré, Île d'Aix and Île d'Oléron.

Catamarans docked at Les Minimes marina.
The "Porte Océane", an upscale urban development in Les Minimes.

Coordinates: 46°8′40″N 1°10′0″W / 46.14444°N 1.16667°W / 46.14444; -1.16667