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Robert Leslie Olive (27 April 1928 – 20 May 2006) was club secretary of Manchester United from the days after the Munich air disaster until 1988, when he was made a club director.

Born in Salford, England, he started his career at Old Trafford as a member of the ground staff, aged 14. During these early years, he played twice for the first team as a goalkeeper.

When the fateful plane crash happened he was assistant secretary to Walter Crickmer but his boss died in the crash and it was left to Olive to contact the families of the 23 victims who perished on the runway, before organising their funerals.

He remained as a director of the club until the takeover in 2005 by Malcolm Glazer and his family.

He died of prostate cancer aged 78 on 20 May 2006.

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