Les Platons

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Les Platons
Les Pliatons Jèrri Mai 2009.jpg
Elevation 136 m (446 ft)[1]
Prominence 136 m (446 ft)[1]
Listing Hardy
Les Platons is located in Channel Islands
Les Platons
Les Platons
Coordinates 49°14′52.05″N 2°06′17.43″W / 49.2477917°N 2.1048417°W / 49.2477917; -2.1048417Coordinates: 49°14′52.05″N 2°06′17.43″W / 49.2477917°N 2.1048417°W / 49.2477917; -2.1048417

Les Platons is the highest point of Jersey, a British Crown Dependency, with an elevation of 136 metres (446 ft). It is located in the Vingtaine de la Ville-à-l'Évêque in the parish of Trinity.

There are radio transmitters,[2] and a radar station[3] located at Les Platons.

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