Les Presses Chinoises

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Les Presses Chinoises
The Chinese Press
Type Weekly newspaper
Format Tabloid
Owner(s) Eastern Chinese Press Inc.
Publisher Crescent Chau
Founded 1981
Language Chinese
Headquarters 1123 Clark Street, 2nd Floor, Chinatown, Montreal, Quebec
Circulation 6,000
Website Chinese Press (Chinese)

Les Presses Chinoises (English:The Chinese Press) is a weekly Chinese newspaper in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The other main Chinese paper in Montreal is Sept Days.


Les Presses Chinoises has been accused [1] of being a propaganda tool for the Chinese Communist Party in Canada by the Falun Gong. This accusation is based on the paper's anti-Falun Gong stance. On one occasion, the paper published and distributed throughout Canada, a free 32-page tabloid, without a single advertisement, condemning the Falun Gong spiritual group.[2]

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