Les Trois Glorieuses

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Les Trois Glorieuses'
English: Three Glorious Days

National anthem of  Republic of the Congo
Lyrics Jacques Tondra and Georges Kibanghi
Music Jean Royer and Joseph Spadilière
Adopted January 1, 1970
Relinquished 1990

Les Trois Glorieuses was the anthem of the People's Republic of the Congo from January 1, 1970 through 1991, when the original anthem, La Congolaise was restored.

The anthem was named after a three-day uprising in 1963 which resulted in the overthrow of the first President, Fulbert Youlou.[1]

The lyrics were written by Henri Lopès and the music was composed by Philippe Mockouamy.


French lyrics English translation
Lève toi, Patrie courageuse,
Toi qui en trois journées glorieuses
Saisis et porte le drapeau
Pour un Congo libre et nouveau,
Qui ne jamais plus ne faillira,
Que personne n'effrayera.
Refrain :
Nous avons brisés nos chaines,
Nous travaillerons sans peine,
Nous sommes une Nation souveraine.
Si trop tôt me tue l'ennemi,
Brave camarade, saisis mon fusil;
Et si la balle touche mon coeur,
Toutes nos soeurs se lèveront sans peur,
Et nos monts, nos flots en fureur
Repousseront l'envahisseur.
Ici commence la Patrie
Où chaque humain a le même prix.
Notre seule guide c'est le Peuple.
Notre génie c'est encore le Peuple.
C'est lui seule qui a décidé
De rétablir sa dignité.
Stand up, courageous homeland
You who in three glorious days
Seized the flag and opened the door
For a free and new Congo,
That never again will fail,
Frighten anyone.
We've broken our chains,
We will work without penalty,
We are a sovereign nation.
If the enemy kills me too early,
Brave comrade, seize my gun;
And if the ball touches my heart,
All our sisters will stand without fear,
And our mountains, our streams into a rage
Repel the invader.From the forest to the bush.
Here begins the Fatherland
Where every human has the same price.
Our only guide is the People.
Our genius is still the People.
It is he alone who decided
To restore its dignity.


Congo, Republic of "Les Trois Glorieuses"

People's Republic of the Congo "Les Trois Glorieuses"

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