Les cloches de Corneville (film)

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Les cloches de Corneville
Directed by Thomas Bentley
Written by Robert Planquette (opera)
Bannister Merwin
Starring Elsie Craven
Moya Mannering
Leslie Stiles
Distributed by International Exhibitors
Release date
October 1917
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Les cloches de Corneville is a 1917 British silent drama film directed by Thomas Bentley and starring Elsie Craven, Moya Mannering and Leslie Stiles. It was based on the 1876 French opera Les cloches de Corneville by Robert Planquette. It was made at Bushey Studios.


  • Elsie Craven as Germaine
  • Moya Mannering as Serpolette
  • M.R. Morand as Gaspard
  • Leslie Stiles as Grenicheaux
  • Frederick Volpe as Baillie
  • Ben Field as Iolo
  • Arthur Vezin as Marquis de Corneville


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