Les enfants du Pirée

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Les enfants du Pirée
Les enfants du Pirée cover.jpg
Studio album by Dalida
Released 1960
Recorded 1960
Genre World music, Pop music, Exotica, Rock and roll
Label Barclay Records
Dalida chronology
Love in Portofino (A San Cristina)
Les enfants du Pirée
Garde-moi moi la dernière danse

This is the seventh and the first album of Dalida in the 60s. It contains big hits like "Les enfants du Pirée" (this song won an award in Québec for 'best foreign song of 1960', shared with the version of Gloria Lasso), "T'aimer follement", "Romantica" and "L'Arlequin de Tolède". The song "Les enfantes du Pirée" comes from the legendary movie "Never on Sunday/Pote tin Kyriaki" nomitaded for 8 Oscars and finally wins Oscar for the music of Manos Hadjidakis, sung by Melina Mercouri who starred in the movie along Jules Dassin.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Les enfants du Pirée"
  2. "T'aimer follement"
  3. "Dans les rues de Bahia"
  4. "De Grenade à Séville"
  5. "Romantica"
  6. "Le petit clair de lune (Tintarella di luna)"
  7. "Vieni vieni si"
  8. "Le bonheur" (Hassaoico Nostalgique)
  9. "S'endormir comme d'habitude"
  10. "L'Arlequin de Tolède"
  11. "Servus est in via"


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