Men Prefer Fat Girls

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Men Prefer Fat Girls
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Jean-Marie Poiré
Produced by Hubert Niogret
Written by Josiane Balasko
Starring Josiane Balasko
Daniel Auteuil
Music by Catherine Lara
Cinematography Bernard Lutic
Edited by Noëlle Boisson
Release date
August 19, 1981
Running time
96 minutes
Language French
Box office $12.6 million[1]

Men Prefer Fat Girls (Les hommes préfèrent les grosses) is a French comedy film directed by Jean-Marie Poiré. It was released in 1981, adapted from a script by Josiane Balasko.


Lydie has just paid a considerable rent deposit for a new flat when her boyfriend breaks up with her. Now she is alone in a flat she cannot afford. So she starts looking for a flatmate and finally chooses Eva, a model. Eventually Lydie gets to know Eva's friends and that changes her life.



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