Les mariages samnites

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Les mariages samnites (The Samnite Marriages) is an opéra comique, described as a drame lyrique, in three acts by André Grétry, The French text was by Barnabé Farmain de Rosoi based on a work by Jean François Marmontel.

Performance history[edit]

It was first performed on 12 June 1776 by the Comédie-Italienne (the name of the Opéra-Comique at that time) at the Hôtel de Bourgogne in Paris.


Role Voice type Premiere Cast,[1] 12 June 1776
(Conductor: - )
Agathis, in love with Céphalide tenor Clairval[2]
Parmenon, friend of Agathis tenor Julien
Eumene, father of Agathis bass Pierre-Marie Narbonne[3]
Céphalide soprano Marie-Jean Trial[4]
Éliane, friend of Céphalide soprano Colombe[5]
Euphémie, mother of Céphalide soprano Moulinghen
The Samnite Chief Meunier



  1. ^ Cast list is from the 1776 livret (nouvelle édition). Full names and life dates are from Kutsch & Riemens, when found.
  2. ^ Clairval was the stage name of Jean-Baptiste Guignard (27 April 1737 – January 1795).
  3. ^ Pierre-Marie Narbonne (born 1751; died ?)
  4. ^ Marie-Jean Trial [née Milon] (1 April 1746 – 15 February 1818), first sang under the name of Mlle Félicité Mandeville and married the tenor Antoine Trial in 1770.
  5. ^ Mlle Colombe (22 October 1754 – 28 March 1837)


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