Les mots d'amour n'ont pas de dimanche

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France "Les mots d'amour n'ont pas de dimanche"
Eurovision Song Contest 1987 entry
Christine Minier
Gerard Curci
Marc Minier
Finals performance
Final result
Final points
Appearance chronology
◄ "Européennes" (1986)   
"Chanteur de charme" (1988) ►

"Les mots d'amour n'ont pas de dimanche" (English translation: "The Words of Love Don't Have a Sunday") was the French entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1987, performed in French by Christine Minier.

The song was performed fifteenth on the night (following the United Kingdom's Rikki with "Only the Light" and preceding Germany's Wind with "Laß Die Sonne In Dein Herz"). At the close of voting, it had received 44 points, placing 14th in a field of 22.

The song is a ballad, with Minier singing about a "little girl" who explains that "the words of love don't have a Sunday" - by which she means that there is no way of controlling them.

It was succeeded as French representative at the 1988 Contest by Gérard Lenorman with "Chanteur de charme".

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