Les tours de cristal

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Les tours de cristal[1] (The Crystal Towers) is a part of a collection of Bob Morane comic books written by Henri Vernes and illustrated by Dino Attanasio. It is volume 3 in the Bob Morane collection (60 pages, black and white in the original, and colour in the Marabout edition).

Publication history[edit]

The French language edition of this book was published in black and white in serial form throughout 1961 in the magazine Femmes d'Aujourd'hui. It was republished in 1962 in a modified form, with colors, re-drawn characters and scenery and a more modern look for the future sequences, then again in the 1980s and finally in 1990 in the original 1961 magazine style.

An English-language version (Bob Morane and the Towers of Crystal) was serialised between 1965 and 1966 in the long-running British comic Buster.


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