Lesbian Connection

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Lesbian Connection
Lesbian Connection (magazine cover).jpg
Executive Director Margy Lesher
Categories Lesbian
Frequency Bimonthly
Circulation 20,000[1]
Publisher Elsie Publishing Institute
Founder Ambitious Amazons
Year founded 1974
Country USA
Based in East Lansing, Michigan
Website lconline.org
ISSN 1081-3217
OCLC number 10734023

Lesbian Connection is a worldwide forum of news and ideas for, by, and about lesbians. Founded in 1974[2][3] by the lesbian-feminist collective Ambitious Amazons,[1] it is run by the Michigan-based nonprofit Elsie Publishing Institute. The magazine is published on a bimonthly basis.[3]

Lesbian Connection is notable for offering subscriptions on a sliding scale basis (asking for flexible donations based on each subscriber's ability to pay). Other unique aspects of the magazine are the fact that its content consists largely of reader submissions, and the fact that it maintains and distributes a worldwide list of "Contact Dykes" who volunteer to provide information about their hometowns to other women.[4]

Lesbian Connection was instrumental in the building of national spiritual, political and social networks for lesbians.

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