Leslie Dunkling

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Leslie Alan Dunkling
Born 1935 (age 81–82)
West London, UK
Nationality British
Alma mater University College London
Spouse Nicole
Children 3

Leslie Dunkling (born 1935 in West London) is an author known for his authoritative work on names books, ranging from names people choose for their children to names of pubs.


As a mature student he qualified as a teacher in 1961, then gained a BA (Hons) degree in English at University College London. This was followed by an MA in Linguistics from Stockholm University, Sweden, where he taught English language and literature. He subsequently became a producer of educational radio and television programmes for the BBC, remaining there for 20 years. In 1970 he developed a spare time interest in onomatology, the study of proper names. He was co-founder of the Names Society and for many years was its president. He also published several reference books about names of various kinds, not only proper names but also, as his interest in toponymy grew, places, followed by other related areas.

He has lived since 1971 in Thames Ditton, Surrey, with his French wife, Nicole. Their three adult children and families live nearby.[1][2]


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  • First Names First (Littlehampton Book Services, 1977)
  • Seven Sketches (Structural Readers) (Longman, 1980)
  • Our Secret Names (Sidgwick & Jackson, 1981)
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