Leslie Perri

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Leslie Perri
Died 1970
Occupation Illustrator, Writer
Spouse(s) Frederik Pohl
Richard Wilson

Leslie Perri (died 1970) was the pen name of Doris Marie Claire "Doë" Baumgardt, an American science fiction fan, writer, and illustrator. She was a member of the Futurians, the influential science fiction fan club. Through her Futurian connections, she also edited minor romance fiction magazines. Baumgardt was married to two fellow science fiction writers and Futurians, first to Frederik Pohl, later to Richard Wilson. She was also married to Thomas Llewellyn Owens, an American painter. She had two children, Margot Owens, with Owens, and Richard David Wilson with Wilson. She became a reporter and journalist while married to Wilson. Wilson was, at the time, the bureau chief for the Reuters wire service in New York City. He left Reuters and went on to Syracuse University, where he founded a science fiction works collection said to be one of the most important in the world. Her grandson, Dirk Llewellyn van der Meulen, is named for "Dirk Wylie" (Harry Dockweiler) the science fiction poet and member of the Futurians.

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