Lesotho Football Association

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Lesotho Football Association
Lesotho FA.png
Founded 1932
FIFA affiliation 1964
CAF affiliation 1964
COSAFA affiliation 1997
President Salemane Phafane
Website http://lesothofootball.com/

The Lesotho Football Association (LEFA) is the governing body of association football in Lesotho, a landlocked country in Southern Africa.[1] It was formed in 1932 and it is based in the city of Maseru.[2] The board helps run the Lesotho national football team as well as domestic competitions such as the Lesotho Premier League, the Lesotho Independence Cup and the Vodacom Soccer Spectacular.[1]


Despite been formed in 1932, the Lesotho Football Association did not gain membership of Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), the world governing body for association football, until 1964.[2][1] Also in 1964, LEFA gained membership of the Confederation of African Football (CAF).[2] CAF is the controlling body for African association football and membership of it is required to compete in qualifying for Africa Cup of Nations or the event itself.[3] LEFA is also part of the Council of Southern Africa Football Associations (COSAFA) which acts as an association of football associations for Southern African countries.[4] Lesotho joined COSAFA in 1997 which is the year COSAFA was formed.[4] COSAFA organises the COSAFA Cup, a competition Lesotho has finished runner-up in once.[5]

LEFA runs the Lesotho national football team, whose first international match was a 2–1 win against Malawi in 1970.[6] The Lesotho national team has never qualified for an Africa Cup of Nations or a World Cup but they have competed in multiple COSAFA Cups with the first being the 1999 edition.[7] The national team reached the final of the 2000 COSAFA Cup but lost 6–0 on aggregate to Zimbabwe.[8] LEFA also helps in the running of the Lesotho women's national football team.[1] They played their first international match in 1998 and have since competed in the COSAFA Women's Championship on two occasions.[9][10] In Lesotho, the Lesotho Premier League is the top domestic football league.[1] The winner of the league qualifies for the CAF Champions League.[11] As of October 2016 the president of LEFA is Salemane Phafane.[1]


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