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Origin San Francisco, California
Genres Alternative rock
Years active 1998–present
Labels Firecode Core
Members Foot (S.)
Past members Brian Lang
Ben Shamash

Less is a band from the San Francisco Bay Area led by the enigmatically-monikered S. Foot. As of 2005, they have released two albums, Piano Wire Smile (2001) and Cover, Protective, Individual (2004), both on the Firecode Core label. Other members have included Brian Lang (drums) and Ben Shamash (bass), the latter of whom went on to form Skyscraper with Andy Slopsema of Sinombre. Foot produced Sinombre's debut album Curves of Sirens.

Debut album Piano Wire Smile saw comparisons with Tool,[1] and Soundgarden, and was described by Sorted magazine as "one of the greatest 'growers' this year".[2] Wrapped In Wire described Less as a "dark heavy rock band", adding that "they could easily become one of the bigger rock bands of today".[3] Second album Cover, Protective, Individual saw the band adding Middle Eastern influences, electronics, and horns, with Left Off The Dial describing it as "a dark, engaging, and musically interesting album",[4] and Splendid Magazine making comparisons with Led Zeppelin and describing the album as a "sonic gem",[5] while Skratch magazine described it as "rich, mysterious, and sobering".[6]




  • 1997 Trinity
  • 1999 Christmiscarriage
  • 2002 Painstripper


  • 2001 Glad To No You
  • 2002 Painstripper
  • 2004 Flightline


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