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Private Company
IndustryFood products
Founded2004; 15 years ago (2004)
HeadquartersDanbury, CT
Key people
Charles Coristine (Founder and CEO)
ProductsBuddha Bowl Popcorn, Green Elephant Chips, Paleo Puffs
Number of employees
A variety of LesserEvil snacks

LesserEvil Healthy Brands Inc. is a natural food company located in Danbury, Connecticut. It is a local employer of 60 to 70 factory and office workers. Its brand ethos is "ingredients mean everything" and all of its products are marketed as made from the best ingredients available. The company has three snack lines: Buddha Bowl Popcorn, Green Elephant Chips and Paleo Puff. Its products are distributed to national retailers by UNFI, Kehe, Natures Best and DPI.

In 2007, LesserEvil became one of the top-selling popcorn lines in the natural retail channel,[1] and is the top selling organic popcorn line in the US in 2014.


LesserEvil was founded in March 2004 in Tuckahoe, New York with the goal of making iconic American snack foods better for you. Their first products included potato puffs and a line of four Kettle Corns, touting them as low in carbohydrates, free of trans fats, preservatives, and high-fructose corn syrup.[2]

In early 2005, LesserEvil shifted from a low-carb line to an all-natural line.[3] In early 2007, LesserEvil entered the potato snack market and launched Krinkle Sticks, a line of baked, reduced-fat potato snacks.[1]

In 2011, the current ownership took over with a new mission to provide snacks that were not only lower in fat and calories, but also made with real, quality ingredients.

In 2012, the first LesserEvil factory opened in Danbury, CT and in 2018, the company expanded to a new, larger factory still in Danbury, CT. The company has corporate offices in Brookfield, CT.


  • Buddha Bowl Popcorn
  • Green Elephant Chips
  • Paleo Puffs


In 2014, according to spins, LesserEvil is one of the top selling snack lines in the natural category in the country. Also, Dr. Oz featured LesserEvil’s Chia Crisps as the “Ultimate Snack” in late 2012.[4] In earlier 2012, LesserEvil won the Gluten Free Snack of the Year by the Connecticut Specialty Foods Association. LesserEvil Healthy Brand Snacks have also been featured by Rachael Ray,[5] Hungry Girl,[6] Shape Magazine,[7] and Inc. magazine[8] among others. CSP also chose LesserEvil’s Classic SeaSalt Krinkle Sticks as a finalist for their Retailers’ Choice Best New Products in the ‘Salty Snacks’ category.[9]

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