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The Lesser Polish Way of Saint James or Little Polish Way of Saint James is one of the Polish routes of the Way of St. James, the medieval pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. It runs from Sandomierz to Kraków through the Land of Lesser Poland (voivodeship: Świętokrzyskie, Lesser Poland). It is an alternative path of Via Regia (from Vilnius, Grodno and Lublin). Lesser Polish Way was partially reopened on 25 October 2008. The whole Route was reopened on 25 October 2009.

The route[edit]

Route online map: link

Legend: – cities with St. James churches

Day 1st[edit]

Day 2nd[edit]

Day 3rd[edit]

Day 4th[edit]

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Destination Santiago[edit]

From Kraków it is possible to go Santiago de Compostela. There are two possible ways. Firstly through Via Regia (Opole, Wrocław), and then to Germany, and secondly to Oświęcim, Żory and Racibórz and then to the Czech Republic.

Other possible names[edit]

  • English: The Lesser Polish Way of Saint James, The Lesser Poland Way of Saint James, The Little Poland Way of Saint James, The Little Polish Way of Saint James, The Małopolska Way of Saint James
  • Spanish: El Camino Małopolska, El Camino de Santiago de Pequeña Polonia, Ruta Jacobea de Pequeña Polonia
  • Galician: O Camiño Małopolska, O Camiño de Pequena Polonia, Ruta Xacobea de Pequena Polonia
  • Latin: Via Iacobea de Polonia Minor
  • French: Le Chemin de Petite-Pologne
  • German: Kleinpolen Jakobsweg
  • Ukrainian: Малопольська Дорога Святого Яківа
  • Belarusian: Малапольска Дарога Святого Якаў
  • Russian: Малопольский Путь Святого Иакова
  • Lithuanian: Mažosios Lenkijos Jokūbo kelias


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