Lester Estelle II

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Lester Estelle II
Also known asLester
Born (1981-04-28) April 28, 1981 (age 38)
OriginKansas City, Missouri, United States
Years active2002-present
Associated actsPillar, Stars Go Dim

Lester Estelle, Jr. or Lester Estelle II (born April 28, 1981) is the drummer and backing vocalist for the Tulsa-based Christian rock band, Pillar. Lester currently plays drums for the singer-songwriter Kelly Clarkson, and Jacob Whitesides.

Early life and first drumset[edit]

Lester Estelle began to play drums at church and with his father and then began traveling in the eighth grade with the singer Troy Covey and band Seven. He started home schooling and traveling full-time during his sophomore year.

He’s played drums for several different bands, such as: The Edwardsville Strings, Nu Creation, Lynda Randle, Entry No. 5, and other various artists around the Kansas City area. Lester still does gigs with Trump Dawgs and DL Sully when he’s not on the road.

Home life[edit]

Lester married Lisa Byler in May 2002. When he’s not on the road, he spends time with his wife Lisa and his son, Jordan, daughters Kyra and Kelis, and his dog Luna. He still makes time to help others with recording projects, advice, drum lessons and is sometimes available to play drums for a Sunday morning worship service.[1]


In 2002, Lester auditioned and began playing for Pillar. He was replacing Brad Noone that left earlier that year. He has traveled all over the U.S. with Pillar and visited several other countries. Lester has appeared on four Pillar albums Re-release of Fireproof(album) Where Do We Go From Here, The Reckoning and For the Love of the Game. While the band was touring in support of The Reckoning, Lester began singing on the song "Tragedy" featured on the album and also begin singing on other songs as well. In 2008, Lester decided to leave Pillar in pursuit of other interests including his work with his new band, "Stars Go Dim" which Pillar's bassist, Michael Wittig and Pillar's former backup touring guitarist, Joey Avalos, were also part of; his departure affected Michael Wittig who also left Pillar.

Stars Go Dim[edit]

Lester formed Stars Go Dim in 2007 with fellow Pillar Members Michael Wittig and Joey Avalos. Chris Cleveland is the group's lead Singer. Stars Go Dim is less metal based, unlike Pillar, and is more indie. Stars Go Dim released a self-titled EP in October 2008 and plan to release their debut record, Love Gone Mad, in August 2009. Now composed of Chris Cleveland, Michael Cleveland, Kyle Williams and Josh Roach, the band recently signed to Fervent Records (Word Entertainment). Stars Go Dim announced their major label released, self-titled debut in October 2015. Their first single is "You Are Loved".

Black & White[edit]

Lester co-found and created Black & White with musical inspiration and friend, Ryan Matthew Dougherty. Together they have created great hype over their unsung tunes. The anticipation of the release of their music has left people begging for a glimpse. Substantial offers have been made to put them in front of their eager audiences, but the cards have not fallen into place. The two are telling everyone to stay tuned.

Kelly Clarkson[edit]

While trading gear with a friend, Estelle found out about the audition to be Kelly Clarkson's drummer. Lester was chosen to go on the road with Kelly and he toured with her in the summer of 2013. In the winter of 2013, Estelle went back on tour with Clarkson to promote her Christmas album. Lester is currently playing drums for Kelly at her shows.[2]


All Drums are Risen Drums Kits

Kit 1. Maple Silver sparkle with chrome hardware 7x8 8x10 rack toms, 11x13 12x14 floor toms, 16x18 20x20 kicks

Kit 2. Maple Black w/red and orange strips with wood hoops and chrome hardware 7x10 9x12 rack toms 11x14 13x16 floor toms, 22x22 kick

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Hardware DW 9000 stands DW 9000 and 5000 single pedals

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Sticks Regal Tip- 9a wood tip, 8a wood tip and brushes

Microphones Audix- D2 and D4 on toms, D1 on snares and D6 on kicks

Electronics Roland- TD-10, SPDS, VS-1824[3]


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