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Lester Eugene Siler, a convicted drug dealer in the United States, was beaten and tortured by Campbell County, Tennessee police during an interrogation at his home, during which officers attempted to coerce Siler to sign a consent form giving them permission to search his home without a warrant.

On July 8, 2004, police officers entered the house of Siler and tortured him using various methods, including applying electricity to his genitalia. Upon arrival, the officers asked his wife, Jenny, and son to leave. Before the torture, however, Siler's wife set up an audio recorder which captured a large portion of the incident.

Five officers, Gerald David Webber, Samuel R. Franklin, Joshua Monday, Shayne Green, and William Carroll were convicted in federal court of the beatings and attempted cover-up. They received prison sentences ranging from 51 to 72 months.[1][2]

The events went largely unreported in American news media.


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