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Let's Adopt! Global
Founded 2008
Founder Ivan Jimenez (Viktor Larkhill) and Fulya Ulusoy
Focus Animal Rights
Area served
Product Animal Rescue
Slogan "Saving animals, inspiring humans."
Website http://blog.myletsadopt.com

Let’s Adopt! (Turkish: Sahip Çıkalım!) is an animalrescue group founded in Turkey on 8 January 2008 by two animal rescuers and activists, Ivan Jimenez (Viktor Larkhill) and Fulya Ulusoy. Let’s Adopt! began as a small community that was generously supported by a close group of friends, their allies, and their supporters who all had one thing in common: they recognized the plight of companion animals in Turkey, the sad fate of those who were abandoned and the need to educate and inform the general public about possible solutions to make change for the better. The group's focus was to educate on animal welfare issues, conducting rescue operations for animals in danger, securing new homes for rescued animals and lobbying at the different levels of government in Turkey and other countries. From its inception it was internet-driven, utilizing social media websites as its main source of sharing its mission.


Let’s Adopt! first came to the public's attention following the death of Ebru, a stray dog allegedly kicked to death by a group of young men near İstanbul’s Taksim Square in June 2009.[1] Let’s Adopt! was featured in reports in Turkey's daily newspapers when it offered a TL2000 reward[2] to those who provided any information on Ebru’s attackers so that legal action could be taken against them. The Marmara Hotel supposedly took care of Ebru for years and denied any human interference in Ebru's death.[3] Following the controversy, Let’s Adopt! was referred to by newspapers as “a group founded by a foreigner residing in Turkey named Viktor Larkhill,” failing to pick up on a reference to the 1980s comic V for Vendetta.[4][clarification needed] After the incident, Larkhill, who earlier made a point not to reveal his real identity,[5] changed his Facebook profile picture, which previously featured an illustration of the "V Mask" from the original comic strip, to a picture of his face.

Adoption principles[edit]

Let's Adopt! does not charge an adoption fee for their animals. Let’s Adopt! however has 4 basic rules for adoption of animals.

These rules were developed to ensure the highest adoption success rate and best home for their animals who often have endured much suffering before Let's Adopt! came to the rescue.[6]

  1. The adopting family must currently have at least one dog or one cat at home. This rule was introduced to minimize the risk of the adopted animal being abandoned and to make sure the possible adopter knows how to handle pets and live with them.
  2. The animal must live inside the home with the family members. This rule goes against the traditional Turkish way of keeping animals as guard dogs and letting them roam freely on the streets. This rule was introduced to ensure the safety of adopted animals.
  3. The adopted animal must be fed a raw diet. Let’s Adopt! is an advocate of raw food diets. This rule was introduced following the founders' conviction that most of the medical problems suffered by companion animals come from nutritional issues and commercial diets. Larkhill insists that animals are fed a diet that has stood the test of time for millennia of evolution.
  4. The adopting family must be a non-smoking family, because smoking also endangers the health of dogs and cats. If people smoke outdoors, the request for being allowed to adopt a Let's Adopt! animal will of course be taken into consideration.

Let's Adopt! understands there can be debate and discussion about their adoption rules, but as they are the ones who have taken full financial and moral responsibility for the animals in their care, it's[clarification needed] their prerogative to determine what they consider the right criteria for their animals.


Let's Adopt! operates according to the following philosophy: "Saving animals and inspiring humans". Let’s Adopt! rescues animals without regard to national origin, borders, or breed, and focuses on the most extreme cases of abuse, neglect, and trauma in animals.[citation needed]

Let's Adopt! International Network and incorporation[edit]

Since July 2009, Let's Adopt! has built an international network in countries such as Canada,[7] France, Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany, Bulgaria, Indonesia, the United States, Saudi Arabia, Australia, India and Spain. These local chapters, which follow the same methods and principles as the main group, either support the main Let's Adopt! group, or work to solve local animal welfare problems. The local chapters are completely autonomous, but keep in close contact with the main group. Some of the networks have temporarily ceased their activities or are in the midst of reorganization.[citation needed]

Due to the growth of Let's Adopt!'s popularity, the animal rescue organization transformed into a non‐profit charitable organization headquartered in Massachusetts, U.S. Let's Adopt! Global was incorporated in 2011.[citation needed]


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