Let's Ryde 2Night EP

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Let's Ryde 2Night EP
Lets ryde 2night ep.jpg
EP by
ReleasedMarch 22, 2008
GenreWest Coast hip hop
LabelDogg Pound Online / Fontana
ProducerDaz Dillinger
The Alchemist
Shawty Redd

Let's Ryde 2Night EP is an EP by rap group Tha Dogg Pound. It was released online as an iTunes exclusive after Tha Dogg Pound's deal with Cash Money Records was postponed. The featured single Ch-Ching was intended for their 100 Wayz album, but was released on Let's Ryde 2Night along with several other new songs as well a few unreleased Dogg Pound tracks that were originally recorded for Cali Iz Active.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Let's Ryde 2Night 3:59
  2. Ch-Ching 4:59
  3. Look Like U Need a Lift (feat. B-Real & Nate Dogg) 3:59
  4. Cuz from tha Dogg Pound 4:13
  5. Bacc on tha Rise 3:17
  6. Watch Us Ryde 4:05
  7. Thiz DPG (feat. Nitti) 4:16
  8. What Cha Want (feat. Busta Rhymes) 3:45
  9. F.Y.T. (feat. San Quinn & The Yee) 4:03
  10. Oooh Baby 4:22
  11. Vibe wit a Pimp [Shawty Redd Remix] (feat. Snoop Dogg) 3:31
  12. Xmas Seasons (feat. Nate Dogg & Snoop Dogg) 5:16