Letňany (Prague Metro)

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Prague Metro station
Metro Letňany 1.jpg
Location Letňany
Prague 9
Czech Republic
Coordinates 50°07′30″N 14°30′50″E / 50.125°N 14.514°E / 50.125; 14.514
Owned by Dopravní podnik hl. m. Prahy
Line(s) C
Platforms island platform
Tracks 2
Platform levels 1
Bicycle facilities No
Opened 8 May 2008 (2008-05-08)
Preceding station   Prague Metro   Following station
Terminus Line C
toward Háje
Letňany (Prague Metro) is located in Greater Prague
Letňany (Prague Metro)

Letňany (Czech pronunciation: [ˈlɛtɲanɪ]) is a Prague Metro station of Line C. The station is located about one kilometre south of Letňany, on the border between areas Letňany and Vysočany, near a tripoint with Kbely, and it belongs to the section IV.C2, connecting Ládví and Letňany. The station is opened from 8 May 2008 and since then has served as the new terminus of the line.

Station characteristics[edit]

The Letňany Station has been the terminal station of the line C. It is located east from the street crossing (streets Beranových and Prosecká) and south from Tupolevova street.

The station is excavated, has an island platform and two entrance halls, each of them connected with the platform by a staircase, two escalators and a lift. The south hall serves to the Prague Exhibition Centre (PVA) and a parking, the north hall connects the platform with bus stops. There are 18 bus lines of PID (Prague Integrated Transport) and one parking "P+R".

The platform is 10,3m under ground. The supporting structure of the platform is made from closed monolithic reinforced concrete.

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