Let's Get Inventin'

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Let's Get Inventin'
Created by Luke Nola
Starring Clinton Randell Chris Stapp
Narrated by Peter Vegas
Country of origin New Zealand
No. of episodes 91
Executive producer(s) Luke Nola
Running time 22min x 91 episodes
Original network TV2
Original release


Picture format 1080i 16:9 (HDTV)

Audio format Dolby Digital 5.1 – 2013
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Website [[1] younginventors.tv]]

Let's Get Inventin' is a New Zealand reality television series that takes young inventors (aged 8 – 17) and helps them to create inventions. If successful they go into a prize pool, as well as having a chance to have their idea patented. In 2007, the series won the Qantas Award for best children's/youth programme.[1] It has screened on over 72 countries and the format has been picked up by the BBC in the UK - Whizz Whizz Bang Bang. In 2014 the Series was nominated for an International Emmy.

In Let's Get Inventin' over seven seasons 91 Kiwi kids with ideas have been teamed up with some of the greatest inventors in the country to bring their inventions to life. Rocket-powered ice skates, a six legged walking car and a jet-powered hover skateboard are some of the inventions. And at the end of the series, the New Zealand public chooses their favorite invention. 12 of which have secured official patents in the prize package totalling $10,000; a trip to the UK; and a ride in the Aquada.

The BBC produced two versions of the New Zealand Format: Whizz Whizz Bang Bang (2007) and Ed and Ouchoes Excellent Inventions (2009 - 2010) which ran for two seasons.

Season two of the NZ series was previously presented by Geoff Bell, who then moved on to co-host Sticky TV.


24 Young Inventors from season 1[edit]

  • Adam Gaston - Rocket Skates
  • Sarah Trass - Buoyzone
  • Rory Shillington - V8 Coffee
  • Kristen Thomsen - Dogwalker
  • Jason Wordsworth - Watergate
  • John Shen - fresh Feet
  • Kharn Gedge - Snow Scooter
  • Jessie Lineham - Silent Hairdryer
  • Sam Sinclair - Lacer Clips
  • Isabella Coventry - Chord Companion
  • Robert Wilson - Anti-Nervous Glasses
  • Alex Drinkwater - Walking Cell-Phone Charger
  • Ben Attwood - Super Bowl
  • Natalie Crimp - UV Sensor
  • Josh Murphy - Very Lazy Boy
  • William Francis - Pogobike
  • Emily Cooper - Downpipe Generator
  • Ben Currie - Bush Balloon
  • Mathew Selles - Hover board
  • Krystal Cook - Woodcutting Machine
  • Kyle White - Fish Tank Belt
  • Ethan Hunter - Mossbot
  • Justin Port and Brendan Port - Quad
  • Brittany Smith-Frank - Magic Gadget

season 2[edit]

Episode 1- ‘The Teenager' Morning-O-Matic Get out of Bed Machine Episode 2 - Trajectory Gold Episode 3 - Acoustic Apparel Episode 4 - Trampoline Powered ‘Gyminator'. Episode 5 - The Super Poopa Sucker Episode 6 - Suitcase Car Episode 7 - The Can Man Episode 8 - The Choo Coob Episode 9 - The Flying Pack Episode 10 - Paper Blocks Episode 11- Bouncy Suit Episode 12 - Gravity Rollerskates Episode 13 - Hover Car Episode 14 - Electronic Money Bank Episode 15 - The final Showdown - 'Inventor's Den'


2014 - 42nd International Emmy® Award Nomination

2013 – Finalist - Cynopsis Kids Imagination Awards New York

2012 – WINNER -Qantas Best Children’s/Youth TV Award

2009 – Finalist - Qantas Best Children’s/Youth TV Award

2008 – Finalist - Qantas Best Children’s/Youth TV Award

2007 – WINNER - Qantas Best Children’s/Youth TV Award

2007 - Finalist - Best Children's Programme Air New Zealand Screen Awards

2006 – WINNER - Qantas Best Children’s/Youth TV Award


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