Let's Go Mets Go

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"Let's Go Mets"
A-side "Let's Go Mets"
Released  ()
Genre Rock music
Songwriter(s) Shelly Palmer, Gregory Smith & Hal Hackady
Producer(s) Shelly Palmer

"Let's Go Mets Go!" (also entitled "Let's Go Mets!") was the rally song of the 1986 World Series champion New York Mets baseball team. The song was the brainchild of famed advertiser Jerry Della Femina and two of his executives, Bob Sherman and Jon Olken. The idea for the song was conceived in July 1986, when the Mets had a powerful lead in the National League East,[1] and the pennant seemed predictable. "Let's Go Mets Go" was composed and produced by Shelly Palmer, and lead vocals were performed by Tom Bernfeld.[2][3]

A video was also produced, featuring Mets players, coaches and fans, along with a cameo appearance by Joe Piscopo. The video and song was debuted on August 27, 1986, at a game against the Los Angeles Dodgers.[3][4][5]


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