Let It Be Love

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Let It Be Love
4 In Love
Promotional poster
Genre Modern romance
Written by Chow Yuk Ming
Starring Charmaine Sheh
Moses Chan
Kenny Wong
King Kong
Florence Kwok
Elvina Kong
Tracy Ip
Wai Ka Hung
Rachel Kan
Patrick Dunn
Theme music composer Tang Chi Wai
Opening theme Fall in Love by Moses Chan
Country of origin Hong Kong
Original language(s) Cantonese
No. of episodes 20
Producer(s) Jonathan Chik
Location(s) Hong Kong
Camera setup Multi camera
Production company(s) Television Broadcasts Limited
Original network TVB Jade
Picture format 576i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Original release January 31 (2012-01-31) – February 24, 2012 (2012-02-24)
Preceded by Wish and Switch
Followed by Queens of Diamonds and Hearts
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Let It Be Love
Chinese 4 in Love

Let It Be Love, also known as 4 In Love, is a Hong Kong modern romance drama produced by TVB and starring Moses Chan, Charmaine Sheh, Kenny Wong and Elvina Kong. An internal costume fitting was held on 27 May 2011 and the official costume fitting was held on 3 June 2011 at Tseung Kwan O TVB City Studio One at 12:30 pm.[1][2] The premiere episode aired on 31 January 2012.

Plot summary[edit]

Tung Hoi Yiu, Chloe (Charmaine Sheh), is an international superstar, and as a publicity stunt she visits longtime fan Yu Chun Tung (Moses Chan), in hospital and their lives become entangled. The tabloid press and blogosphere feed on each other to create the impression that the two are in fact dating. In order to control the news coverage, Chloe's management company creates the illusion of a lightning romance and an equally quick break up between Chloe and Chun Tung, with Chloe being portrayed as the wronged party. Since she was 16 and discovered by a talent spotter, Chloe's life and career has been under the control of her cousin Tung Mei Mei, May (Florence Kwok). To escape the manipulations of her cousin, Chloe announces her retirement from the entertainment industry. However, in the short period of their supposed romance Chloe has come to care for Chun Tung, and May uses this to force Chloe to return to the entertainment industry.

Whilst abroad Chloe discovers the extent of May's manipulations - that May has been feigning terminal cancer and that her previous boyfriend broke up with her because May used her phone to send a Dear John message. In a fit of pique and to the surprise of everyone, including Chun Tung, Chloe holds a spot news conference in which she announces her imminent marriage to Chun Tung. Despite only superficially knowing Chloe, Chun Tung can't believe his luck and agrees to the marriage proposal. May and her coterie of followers are forced to play along with Chloe, but work to drive the couple apart. Despite finding some happiness together, Chun Tung and Chloe have little in the way of understanding and trust between each other and, with only minimal help from May, the couple part.

However, May realises that Chloe has truly fallen in love with Chun Tung. May sees in Chloe's latest film performance a rejection of things that Chloe had previously held dear and that the only reason for this is that her breaking with Chun Tung has broken her spirit. Filled with guilt May attempts to help Chun Tung understand Chloe in the hope that in doing so he can come to love the real Chloe and not the illusion presented to the world.

As they negotiate the travails of life and love, Chloe and Chun Tung's lives cross and touch with other couples making their own choices. Chung Ping Leung (Wai Ka Hung) and Elsa (Tracy Ip) are kindred souls, well matched by personality but not by physique. Nick (King Kong Lee) and Hayley (Rachel Kan) have both been scarred by bad relationships and are unable to form meaningful bonds with the opposite sex. However, when Nick becomes impotent they find that they have more in common than just a long history of one-night stands. Poon Chun Him's (Kenny Wong) relationships are perpetually out of sync. Whenever he is ready for marriage his girlfriends are not and vice versa. When his friends Yeung Chi Wah (Patrick Dunn) and Fung Yiu Dan, Kelly (Elvina Kong) divorce after it is discovered that Yeung has been harbouring a secret homosexual infatuation for him, Poon and Kelly find themselves being drawn to each other, but this time will their timing be in sync?


Main cast[edit]

Cast Role Description Age
Moses Chan Yu Chun Tung (Lucas)
Electric appliance salesperson
Tung Hoi Yiu's longtime fan
Tung Hoi Yiu's boyfriend
Charmaine Sheh Tung Hoi Yiu (Chloe)
International superstar
Tung Mei Mei's cousin
Yu Chun Tung's girlfriend
Kenny Wong Poon Chun Him (Cyrus)
Sports news reporter
Law Wing Chi and Tong Hau Ling's ex-boyfriend
Fung Yiu Dan's friend, later boyfriend
Elvina Kong Fung Yiu Dan (Kelly)
News anchor
Yeung Chi Wah's wife, later divorced
Poon Chun Him's girlfriend
King Kong Lam Lik Hang (Nick)
Cheung Hei Yin's boyfriend
Rachel Kan Cheung Hei Yin (Hayley)
Lam Lik Hang's girlfriend
Wai Ka Hung Chung Ping Leung (Danny)
Tobacco control inspector
Ha Tong Tong's ex-boyfriend
Chow Sze Ching's boyfriend
Tracy Ip Chow Sze Ching (Elsa)
Corporate affairs officer
Lau Yin Wai's ex-girlfriend
Chung Ping Leung's girlfriend

Tung Family[edit]

Cast Role Description
Florence Kwok Tung Mei Mei (May)
Entertainment agent owner
Tung Hoi Yiu's cousin and manager
Charmaine Sheh Tung Hoi Yiu (Chloe)
International superstar
Tung Mei Mei's cousin
Yu Chun Tung's girlfriend

Law Family[edit]

Cast Role Description
Yu Chi Ming Law Sau Yu
Law Wing Chi's father
Queenie Chu Law Wing Chi (Emily)
Law Sau Yu's daughter
Poon Chun Him's ex-girlfriend

Chow Family[edit]

Cast Role Description
Sin Ho Ying Chow Sze Hang
Chow Sze Ching's brother
Tracy Ip Chow Sze Ching (Elsa)
Corporate affairs officer
Chow Sze Hang's sister
Lau Yin Wai's ex-girlfriend
Chung Ping Leung's girlfriend

Chung Family[edit]

Cast Role Description
Lee Fung Fong Chui Yuk
Chung Ping Leung's mother
Wai Ka Hung Chung Ping Leung
Tobacco control inspector
Ha Tong Tong's ex-boyfriend
Chow Sze Ching's boyfriend

Other cast[edit]

Cast Role Description
Lau Dan Fung Chi Ming
Electric appliance company owner
Loves Ho Chun Kiu
Mary Hon Ho Chun Kiu
Loves Fung Chi Ming
Patrick Dunn Yeung Chi Wah
News anchor
Fung Yiu Dan's husband, later divorced
Seth Leslie Entertainment Reporter Reports on Chloe's break up with her "MK fiance".
Janet Chow Tong Hau Ling
Poon Chun Him's ex-girlfriend
Becky Lee Ha Tong Tong
Yoga Instructor
Chung Ping Leung's ex-girlfriend
Peter Lai (黎彼得)
Lily Leung (梁舜燕)
Calinda Chan (陳宛蔚)
Fanny Ip (葉凱茵)
Steven Ho (何啟南)
Eddy Ho (何偉業)
Summer Joe Ha (夏竹欣) Ng Mau Tan
Stephen Huynh Lau Yin Wai
Chow Sze Ching's ex-boyfriend
Kim Fu (傅劍虹)
Vincent Cheung (張漢斌)
Mikako Leung (梁珈詠)
Nadia Lun (倫紫玄) Make-up artist (Emily)
Dolby Kwan (關浩揚)
Candy Chu
Cheung Kwok Keung (張國強) Shaolin monk
Hugo Wong (黃子衡)
Sunny Tai (戴耀明)

Viewership ratings[edit]

Week Originally Aired Episodes Average Points Peaking Points References
January 31 - February 3, 2012
1 — 5
February 6–10, 2012
6 — 10
February 13–17, 2012
11 — 15
February 20–24, 2012
16 — 20