Let My Puppets Come

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Let My Puppets Come
(aka Let My Puppets Go)
Directed byGerard Damiano
Written byGerard Damiano
CinematographyBeyen C. Mitchell
Edited byBill Bukowski
Gerard Damiano
Release date
Running time
45 minutes (cut)
75 minutes (uncut)
CountryUnited States

Let My Puppets Come (also called Let My Puppets Go) is a 1976 pornographic film written and directed by Gerard Damiano,[1] and starring Al Goldstein, Lynette Sheldon, Penny Nichols, and Gerard Damiano. All the sex scenes in the film are between puppets or puppets on human.


While Damiano may have been more noted for the Caballero studios' project Deep Throat, he created Let My Puppets Come using both human and puppet actors, and was perhaps the first of its kind in the United States.[2] The title was intended as a parody of the 1976 Broadway musical Let My People Come and the film was released the same year as the first airing of the television series The Muppet Show, being referred to as "a sexy muppet movie".[3]


Owing a mob boss half a million dollars which must be paid in 24 hours, a group of executives comes up with ideas for, and films, a pornographic movie.



Robert Firsching of Allmovie called the film "light-hearted", noting that the director "uses the novelty of a cast consisting mostly of Muppet-style marionettes". While remarking that the plot is a standard one of producers trying to create a film that will bring attention to their studio, he concludes that "Damiano keeps the style breezy and charming enough that the film is unlikely to offend many potential viewers".[4]

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