Let Them Talk (talk show)

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Let Them Talk
Let Them Talk (talk show).jpg
GenreTalk show
Directed byKonstantin Kuts (2001-2003)
Mikhail Anisimov (2003-2004)
Roman Butovsky (2004-2009)
Aleksei Morozov (with 2010)
Presented byAndrey Malakhov (2001-2017)
Dmitry Borisov (with 2017)
Country of originRussia
Original language(s)Russian
Executive producer(s)Sergey Kuzmenko (2001-2004)
Gulnara Ilchinskaya (2004-2009) [1]
Producer(s)Alexander Mitroshenkov, Larisa Krivtsova (2001-2004)
Natalia Nikonova (2004-2009)
Mikhail Sharonin, Natalia Galkovich (with 2010)
Camera setupMultiple
Running time60 minutes
Original networkSyndicated
Original releaseJuly 23, 2001 (2001-07-23) –

Let Them Talk (Russian: Пусть говорят, transliterated: Pust' govoryat) is a Russian talk show hosted by Dmitry Borisov.[2][3] It invites guests to come before a studio audience to address personal issues; crime, drug abuse, suicide, prostitution, infidelity[4] as well as society issues; attacks,[5] migration, international relations.[6][7]

The program is inspired by the American Jerry Springer show, although it was originally conceived to be a clone of the Oprah Winfrey show.[8]

Notable episodes[edit]

Actress Lindsay Lohan appeared on the show in 2016. A leak contract showed that she had originally demanded a fee of $860,000 and an audience with Vladimir Putin if she were to appear on the show.[9][10][11]

On Tuesday, February 1, 2017, rape victim Diana was a guest on the show. She talked about her rape at the hands of a 21-year-old man Semyonov. Semyonov was sentenced to eight years in a prison colony for “rape” and “violent acts of a sexual nature.” An appellate court later reduced his sentence to three years and three months. Commentators blamed Diana for provoking sexual assault. Almost all the panelists — often models and bloggers — and most of the audience were clearly on the side of Semyonov. The show spawned many online debates and memes.[12]

In early 2017, Nadezhda Semenyuk, former wife of triathlete Roman Paramonov, went on the show with her ex-husband, who had severely beat her.[13]


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