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Letgo logo.png
Type of businessPrivate
Type of site
Online classifieds
Available inEnglish, Czech, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, Croatian, Turkish
FoundedJanuary 2015 (2015-01)
New York City and Barcelona[1][2]
Founder(s)Alec Oxenford
Jordi Castello
Enrique Linares
IndustryMarketplace, App
Current statusActive
Native client(s) oniOS and Android

Letgo is a company that provides a website and app that allows users to buy from, sell to and chat with others locally. The products launched in 2015.[3]


Launched in January 2015 by Alec Oxenford, former CEO of OLX, the app initially targeted the U.S. market, competing against eBay and Craigslist, the online marketplace leaders since the 1990s.[4][5][6][7]

In May 2016, the company merged with Wallapop, another mobile classifieds startup.[8] Letgo remained the majority owner of the company and the brand remained Letgo.[9] At the time, there were about 10 million monthly active users between the two apps, according to SurveyMonkey data published by TechCrunch.[10]

From its launch, the company did not charge for its services, earning no revenue, as part of its strategy to grow quickly.[11] As of June 2018, the listing service remained free, but the app added a paid beta feature allowing users to place their sales item above organic search results.[12]

Three quarters of the first round investment of $100 million was slated for marketing.[13] The ad agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky Miami created a television ad campaign for the app, directed by filmmaker Craig Gillespie. Each advertisement is premised on an extreme situation, such as a person dangling over a cliff who might plunge down because he's holding on to a bowling ball, where the sensible thing to do is to let go of the item.[14] CP+B Miami also created a series of four ads allowing customers to incorporate images and descriptions of their items for sale directly into a satirical video ad, such as one featuring action film star Dolph Lundgren as a mercenary.[15]

The app launched in Canada in October 2016 and in Norway of November 2016.[16][17]

In September 2019, Naspers spun off its investments in Letgo into a separate company, Prosus.[18]


By September 2015, the company said its app had two million downloads and half a million product listings.[4] Comscore said it was the second fastest growing app in the U.S., in 2017.[19] As of January 2018, the app had about 75 million downloads, compared to 30 million in August 2016.[20] It had 200 million listings for secondhand goods and about three billion messages were exchanged between users.[21] The company said it had monthly repeat visitors in the "tens of millions".[21] In August, 2018, the company reported the app had more than 100 million downloads and 400 million. Listings were up about 65% during the first eight months of 2018.[22]


The company raised US$100 million in 2015,[4] one of the five largest first rounds of venture capital financing since 2008.[13] Following a merger in May 2016 with Wallapop, a competitor with a reported valuation of about $570 million, the company raised an additional $100 million.[8] As of September 2017 the company valuation was more than $1 billion. By that time, it had raised $375 million in total capital.[23] In August 2018, it raised $500 million from Naspers.[24][25]


Letgo feed
Letgo feed

The app and website facilitates buying and selling used goods. The marketplace, optimized primarily for smartphones, features large photos of products for sale.[26] No log-in is required.[14] Goods are displayed based on the geolocation closest to the buyer. The app is integrated with instant chat functionality.[26]

In 2018, the company added video listings and image recognition that includes pricing suggestions.[19] A housing section was also added.[27]

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