Letha Weapons

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Letha Weapons
Born (1972-07-05) July 5, 1972 (age 46)[1]
Other namesLeatha Weapons, Leathal Weapons, Leetha Weapons,[1] Leaha Weapons, Letha Weapon, Lethal Weapons,[2] Leatha
Height5 ft 5 in (1.65 m)[1]
Weight125 lb (57 kg)[1]

Letha Weapons (born July 5, 1972) is an adult model and former porn actress who appeared in many adult films in the big-bust category.[1]


Letha appeared in over 50 adult videos over the course of her adult career, which began in 1994.[1] Letha has also made appearances in shock jock Howard Stern's movie Butt Bongo Fiesta, where she played the "Queen of the Jungle", amongst other things. She also appeared on the television series Married... with Children as a dancer named Rocki Mountains in the Jiggly Room. She has made other appearances on Sally Jessy Raphael and The Richard Bey Show.

John Wayne Bobbitt Uncut adult video[edit]

Letha appeared in the 1994 adult video John Wayne Bobbitt Uncut, featuring the pornographic debut of John Wayne Bobbitt,[1] whose penis was severed in a knife attack by his then wife.[3]

Other appearances[edit]

Russ Meyer described Weapons's breasts in his autobiography, A Clean Breast: The Life and Loves of Russ Meyer as "Big boobs bolstered by a breast hammock based on the principle that made the Sydney Opera House feasible".[4] The augmented size of Weapon's breasts has also been derided by critics.[5][6]


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