Lethbridge School District No. 51

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Lethbridge School District No. 51
433 15 Street South
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

Coordinates 49°41′40″N 112°49′10″W / 49.69444°N 112.81944°W / 49.69444; -112.81944Coordinates: 49°41′40″N 112°49′10″W / 49.69444°N 112.81944°W / 49.69444; -112.81944
District information
Superintendent Dr. Cheryl Gilmore
Chair of the board Mich Forster
Schools 22
Budget CA$69.8 million (2007/2008)
Students and staff
Students 7,800 (approx.)
Other information
Elected trustees

Mich Forster, Chair
Jan Foster, Vice Chair
Tyler Demers
Keith Fowler
Donna Hunt
Don Lacey

Lola Major
Website www.lethsd.ab.ca

Lethbridge School District No. 51 is the public school board in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.


Lethbridge School District No. 51 operates 19 schools covering grades ranging from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Enrolment for 2007/2008 was 7,800 students. As well, the school district operates six outreach programs/schools. The operating budget was $69.8 million for the 2007-2008 fiscal year.


A group of seven elected trustees run the Lethbridge School District. They are elected every three years, in the regular municipal election. In the election, Lethbridge voters can only vote for a trustee to one (not both) of the two major school boards (Lethbridge School District and the separate Holy Spirit Roman Catholic division). The public and Catholic systems operate independently of each other, and are both under the direct authority of the provincial government of Alberta. The last election was in October 2010.

List of schools[edit]

High schools

Middle schools

  • Gilbert Paterson Middle School
  • G.S. Lakie Middle School
  • Lethbridge Christian School
  • Wilson Middle School

Elementary schools

  • Dr. Gerald B. Probe Elementary School
  • École Agnes Davidson Elementary School
  • Fleetwood Bawden Elementary School
  • Galbraith Elementary School
  • General Stewart Elementary School
  • Lakeview Elementary School
  • Lethbridge Christian School
  • Mike Mountain Horse Elementary School
  • Nicholas Sheran Community School
  • Park Meadows Elementary School
  • Senator Buchanan Elementary School
  • Westminster Elementary School
  • Immanuel Christian Elementary School

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