Leticia Brédice

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Leticia Brédice
Vivo en Argentina (17368501232).jpg
Born Leticia Marcela Brédice
Buenos Aires City, Argentina

Leticia Marcela Brédice (Spanish pronunciation: [leˈtisja ˈβɾeðitʃe]) is an Argentine award-winning actress.


She was born in Buenos Aires, though her birthdate has been reported as both August 26, 1972[1] and December 26, 1972.[2] She and Juan Pablo Sanguinetti had a son, Indio, on August 11, 2005.

Brédice won Best New Actress Award from the Argentine Film Critics Association in 1993 for Anni Ribelli. In 1997, she has also won Best Supporting Actress Award by the same association for her work on Cenizas del paraíso. She appeared in Fabián Bielinsky's 2000 Heist film Nine Queens, and has appeared on stage in several productions including: Panorama Desde El Puente; Lolita; Marta Stutz; Seis Personajes En Busca de Un Actor; Closer.

She appeared in the January/February 2006 Argentine edition of Playboy magazine.

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