Letterkenny Regional Sports and Leisure Complex

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Letterkenny Regional Sports and Leisure Complex
Aura Letterkenny.jpg
Building information
City Letterkenny, Ireland
Capacity 2500
Built 2002 - 2007
Opened 19 July 2007
Architect(s) Holohan Architects
Length 25 metres
Lanes 6

Letterkenny Regional Sports and Leisure Complex is a sports complex located in Letterkenny, County Donegal, Ireland. The complex is located near O'Donnell Park and the total cost of the building of the complex was €22.7 million. An open day for the complex was held on 18 and 19 May 2007, with the complex opened to the public on Monday 9 July 2007. RTÉ Television has broadcast live from the venue on several occasions.

Building of the Complex[edit]

Construction of the building began in 2002. The complex was meant to be finished construction in January 2007 but was not completed until four months later.


The complex

The Aura Management Company are operators of the new centre. The complex includes the following facilities:

The sports complex caters for the following activities:

  • Indoor soccer
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Volley Ball
  • Aerobics
  • Athletics
  • Swimming
  • Gymnastics


The opening of the new leisure complex led to much controversy as many local councillors believed the old leisure centre located on the High Road should be closed to facilitate for the building of a new courthouse. Local residents and businessmen thought differently, and staged protests against the closing of the centre. A decision was made, by local councillors, on 14 May 2007 to close the old leisure centre with the deciding vote coming from Cllr. Ciaran Brogan.

On 19 October 2007 management of the leisure centre confirmed the pool and health suite at the facility was to close temporarily with immediate effect due to work being carried out to correct tiles around the pool, which were deemed to be to slippery. The centre re-opened on a week later.[1]


The seating arrangements of the theatre area was criticised by many Riverdance attendants who complained that they could not see the show.




  • Riverdance performed in the Sports Complex on 24 and 25 May 2007,[2] and marked the official opening of the centre. Around 12,000 people attended.[3] Due to the success of these performances Riverdance is to return to the complex, for five shows from Thursday 22nd through to Sunday 25 May 2008.[4]


  • Daniel O'Donnell kicked off his Irish summer tour with a show at the Complex on 14 July 2007. He was joined by his touring partner Mary Duff. The concert was filmed as a Daniel television special and also his forthcoming DVD.[5]




  • Hunky Dorys Fight Night came to the complex on 29 March 2008.[9] Undefeated Paul McCloskey took on former World Champion Cesar Bazan. McCloskey beat Bezan over 10 rounds by 100 to 90 points. The first bout was at 6.30pm and McCloskey came into the ring at 9.30pm. The match was broadcast on RTÉ.[10][11][12]


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