Letters from a Porcupine

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For the song by Blind Melon, see Nico (album).
Letters From A Porcupine
Produced by Chris Jones
Starring Shannon Hoon, Brad Smith, Christopher Thorn, Glen Graham, Rogers Stevens, Jena Kraus
Music by Blind Melon
Release date
  • November 19, 1996 (1996-11-19)
Running time
72 minutes
Language English

Letters from a Porcupine is a 1996 documentary style film made up of footage from the musical career of the alternative rock band Blind Melon including music videos, interviews, live performances and home movie footage.

Several pieces of footage were filmed by Shannon Hoon and his own video recorder which he was said to have brought everywhere.

It also contains unreleased music by the band such as a song dubbed "no business".

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