Letters to Ottla

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Letters to Ottla & the Family
Author Franz Kafka
Original title 'Briefe an Ottla und die Familie'
Translator Richard and Clara Winston
Cover artist Tim Gaydos
Country United States
Language German
Genre Letters
Publisher Schocken Books
Publication date
Published in English
Media type Print, Hardcover
Pages 130 p.
ISBN 0-8052-3772-0
OCLC 7554590
833/.912 19
LC Class PT2621.A26 Z53913 1982

Letters to Ottla & the Family is a book collecting Franz Kafka's letters to his sister Ottla (Ottilie Davidová, née Kafka), as well as some letters to his parents Julie and Hermann Kafka. These letters were composed between 1909 and 1924; though Ottla died in the Holocaust, the letters were preserved by her husband and children. Originally published in German in 1974, the letters were translated into English by Richard and Clara Winston and published by Schocken Books in 1982. The English edition also includes photographs of Kafka and Ottla, as well as several images of postcards, letters, and drawings Kafka had sent his sister.


Kafka, Franz. Letters to Ottla & the Family. New York City: Schocken Books, 1982. ISBN 0-8052-3772-0